Words We Might One Day Say

Purchase at Amazon.com. Purchase digital version at 0s&1s. Read review at Rain Taxi. Read review at Lines + Stars. Read review from Michael Dennis. When I read the first poem in Words We Might One Day Say, I thought Holly Karapetkova was related to Gabriel Marquez. A surprise seems to appear in many of her poems. Some come close to being magical. I like how this woman writes about childhood. I want … Continue reading Words We Might One Day Say

Towline top 10 in 2017

Towline named as one of Beltway Poetry Quarterly’s top 10 books of the year! Beltway Poetry Quarterly named Towline among the top 10 single-author poetry books of 2017. Read more here. Read Grace Cavalieri’s review of Towline at Washington Independent Review of Books. Towline is available from Cloudbank Books. Holly Karapetova’s Towline is adept in many languages, moving at will between crisp evocations of daily life and the suggestive landscape … Continue reading Towline top 10 in 2017

Ethelbert Miller’s Book Launch at Marymount

We are extremely honored to have Ethelbert Miller celebrate the opening of his New and Collected Poems with us here at Marymount next week. His reading and book launch are part of our poetry series, which began exactly 25 years ago. Ethelbert was the second reader in that series, so his relationship with Marymount goes back a long way. In fact, I first met him … Continue reading Ethelbert Miller’s Book Launch at Marymount

My Cruel Invention

The anthology My Cruel Invention from Meerkat Press, edited by Bernadette Geyer, hits the stands on February 19. The press is giving away 10 free copies. Enter here to win! The anthology includes poems about inventions, real and imagined, and features poems by Alex Dreppec, Brett Foster, Clare Louise Harmon, Daniel Hales, David Mook, Donald Illich, Dorene O’Brien, F. J. Bergmann, FJP Langheim, Gwen Hart, H.M. … Continue reading My Cruel Invention

Claudia Rankine Reads from Citizen at American University

I was extremely fortunate to be in the audience at Claudia Rankine’s reading this past Thursday. The crowd overflowed the auditorium—the organizers had to add extra seating on the stage—demonstrating how hungry people are for what this book has to tell us. As others have noted more eloquently than I, Rankine reaches the heart of our nation and captures the struggles of our moment in … Continue reading Claudia Rankine Reads from Citizen at American University

Lifestyle Over Principle

On my recent trip to Monticello, a tour guide made a statement that has continued to haunt me. Thomas Jefferson, the very brain behind the phrase “all men are created equal” certainly had qualms about owning slaves, but throughout his life he chose lifestyle over principle—chose to own slaves so that he could have a life of intellectual engagement rather than physical toil. I have … Continue reading Lifestyle Over Principle